The XCELL® 50

Benchtop X-ray Irradiator

An affordable, fully shielded bench top cell irradiator, that takes up minimal space and intuitive to use right in your lab. Place it right next to your incubator as an alternative or adjunct to chemical treatment allowing you to save time and improve efficiency.

Applications Include:

  • Seed Irradiation

  • Small Animal Irradiation

  • Tissue Culture Irradiation

  • Cell Irradiation

The XCELL 50 Irradiator

  • Automatic warm-up with Intelligent Tube Conditioning.
  • Complies with US FDA and International regulations for cabinet X-ray systems.
  • Bench top for economical irradiation of tissue culture.
  • Larger and more powerful options are available. See the video here.

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