Research using KUBTEC Systems and Software

Trans-Cinnamaldehyde Increases Random Pattern Flap Survival Through Activation of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. Xiaobin Luo, Bin Zhao, Baoxia Chen, Hongyu Chen, Tao Han, Najeeb Bassam Najeeb Bsoul, Hede Yan. Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 2021. XPERT 80 System.

  • To evaluate the microvasculature density on postoperative day 7 rats (n = 6 in each group) were randomly selected for arteriography with oxide–gelatine contrast medium injected through the common carotid artery. After the arteriography, the rat bodies were kept at 4°C overnight for fixation. The flaps were incised and radiographed using an X-ray machine (KUBTEC XPERT 80 System, USA).

Osteocyte TGFβ1‐Smad2/3 is positively associated with bone turnover parameters in subchondral bone of advanced osteoarthritis. Guangming Dai, Haozhuo Xiao, Junyi Liao, Nian Zhou, Chen Zhao, Wei Xu, Wenjuan Xu, Xi Liang and Wei Huan. This article was published in International Journal of Molecular Medicine. April 2020. XPERT 80 System.

  • Specimens were radiographed using a bone density instrument (KUBTEC NC), 50% of which then underwent RNA and protein isolation and the other half of which was soaked in 4% paraformaldehyde at room temperature for 24 h, decalcified in 10% EDTA for 3 weeks, dehydrated in graded alcohol, embedded and cut into 5-mm thick sections.
  • Small pieces of specimens were radiographed using a KUBTEC NC instrument with automatic exposure at 45 KV, 500 mA. The BMD of the subchondral bone area was measured and analyzed using KUBTEC DIGICOM BMD Processor.

Skeletal pathology and bone mineral density changes in wild muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) and red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) inhabiting arsenic polluted areas of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Canada): A radiographic densitometry study. S. Amuno, K. Shekh, V. Kodzhahinchev, S. Niyogi, A. Al Kaissi. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Nov 2020. XPERT 80 System.

  • Radiographic assessment of the femurs of red squirrels and muskrats was conducted at the Centre for Bone and Periodontal Research, McGill University, Quebec Canada. A single X-ray of femur samples was taken using a KUBTEC XPERT 80 radiography system (KUB Technologies Inc.) with automatic calibration.

A Transgenic Mouse Model of OI Type V Supports a Neomorphic Mechanism of the IFITM5 Mutation. Caressa D Lietman, Ronit Marom, Elda Munivez, Terry K Bertin, Ming‐Ming Jiang, Yuqing Chen, Brian Dawson, Mary Ann Weis, David Eyre, and Brendan Lee. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Sept 2014. XPERT 80 System.

  • Radiographs of transgenics and their respective nontransgenic littermates were taken (identical views) with the Kubtec XPERT80 (Kubtec X‐ray, Milford, CT, USA).

Radiosensitization with Magnetic Nanoparticles. Kshitij Kolhatkar, Alicia Petryk. Department of Biomedical Engineering University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT. XCELL 50 System.

  • Cells will be irradiated with a Kubtec XCELL 50 kVP cell irradiator (Kubtec Scientific, Stratford, CT). Variables: 0 Gy, 3 Gy, 6 Gy.

In vitro degradation and in vivo resorption of dicalcium phosphate cement based grafts. Zeeshan Sheikh, Yu Ling Zhang, Liam Grover, Géraldine E. Merle, Faleh Tamimi, Jake Barralet. Acta Biomaterialia. 2015. XPERT 80 System.

  • Digital radiographs were obtained using Kubtec! XPERT80 X-ray system (KUB Technologies Inc., Milford, CT) employing a voltage of 90 kV and a tube current of 1.0 lA.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion? Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Socio- Economic Status, Inequality, and Health in Urban Children from the Industrial Revolution (18th–19th C), England. S. L. Newman and R. L. Gowland. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. April 2016. XTEND System.

  • Radiographs were taken using a Kubtec Xtend 100HF x-ray source and Kubtec 3600 CR reader at 54kVp and 5mAs, with a 120-cm source-image receptor-distance.

A G protein-coupled receptor is required in cartilaginous and dense connective tissues to maintain spine alignment. Zhaoyang Liu, Amro A. Hussien, Yunjia Wang, Terry Heckmann, Roberto Gonzalez, Courtney M. Karner, Jess G. Snedeker, and Ryan S. Gray. bioRxiv. Feb 2021. KUBTEC DIGIMUS X-ray System.

  • Radiographs of mouse skeleton were generated using a Kubtec DIGIMUS X-ray system (Kubtec T0081B) with auto exposure under 25 kV.

Fibrosis and Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1a– Dependent Tumors of the Soft Tissue on Loss of Von Hippel-Lindau in Mesenchymal Progenitors. Laura Mangiavini, Christophe Merceron, Elisa Araldi, Richa Khatri, Rita Gerard-O’Riley, Tremika L. Wilson, George Sandusky, Jerome Abadie, Karen M. Lyons, Amato J. Giaccia, and Ernestina Schipani. The American Journal of Pathology. Nov 2015. XPERT 80-L System.

  • Forelimbs were analyzed by radiography, using an XPERT 80-L Cabinet X-ray System (Kevex-90Kv; Kubtec X-ray, Milford, CT).

Aromatase inhibitor-induced bone loss increases the progression of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer in bone and exacerbates muscle weakness in vivo. Laura E. Wright, Ahmed A. Harhash, Wende M. Kozlow, David L. Waning, Jenna N. Regan, Yun She, Sutha K. John, Sreemala Murthy, Maryla Niewolna, Andrew R. Marks, Khalid S. Mohammad, Theresa A. Guise. Oncotarget. Dec 2016. XPERT System.

  • Osteolytic lesions were measured in anesthetized mice in prone position on d23 and d32 post tumor inoculation using a digital X-ray imager (KUBTEC) at 2.7x magnification.

Range extension of Lepidocephalichthys alkaia (Teleostei: Cobitidae) and notes on its sexual dimorphism. Marco Endruweit. Zoological Research. Date. XPERT 80 System.

  • Radiographs of the specimen were taken by a KUBTEC XPERT 80 and used to count vertebrae and fin rays.

A new genus record of Yasuhikotakia Nalbant, 2002 (Teleostei Botiidae) and a new species record of Brachydanio Weber et de Beaufort, 1916 (Teleostei Cyprinidae) to China. Zhiying Chen, Tao Qin & Xiaoyong Chen. Biodiversity Journal. Dec 2017. XPERT 80 System.

  • KUBTEC XPERT 80 Digital Cabinet X-ray System is used for vertebra count.

Oreoglanis hponkanensis, a new sisorid catfish from north Myanmar (Actinopterygii, Sisoridae). Xiao-Yong Chen, Tao Qin, Zhi-Ying Chen. ZooKeys. Dec 2016. XPERT 80 System.

  • Radiographs were obtained to count vertebrae using a digital Cabinet X-ray System (KUBTEC XPERT 80).

Loss of VHL in mesenchymal progenitors of the limb bud alters multiple steps of endochondral bone development. Laura Mangiavini, Christophe Merceron, Elisa Araldi, Richa Khatri, Rita Gerard-O’Riley, Tremika LeShan Wilson, Erinn B. Rankin, Amato J. Giaccia, Ernestina Schipani. Developmental Biology. June 2014. XPERT 80 System.

  • Hindlimbs and forelimbs were analyzed by radiography, using an XPERT 80- L Cabinet X-ray System (Kevex-90 Kv) (KUBTEC X-Ray, Milford, CT, USA). Mice were imaged in a prone position at p21 using 2.7  magnification for CNTRL mice and 6.6  magnification for VHL, HIF1 and VHL-HIF1 mice. The images were acquired through DIGICOM NC software (KUBTEC X-Ray, Milford, CT, USA).

Osimertinib (AZD9291) increases radio‐sensitivity in EGFR T790M non‐small cell lung cancer. Nannan Wang, Linlin Wang, Xiangjiao Meng, Jia Wang, Lifang Zhu, Changting Liu, Shaorong Li, Li Zheng, Zhenfan Yang, Ligang Xing, Jinming Yu. Oncology Reports. Oct 2018. XCELL 160 System.

  • The cells and xenografts were irradiated using the XCELL 160 Irradiator (137Cs; KUBTEC, Milford, CT, USA) at a dose rate of 140 cGy/min at room temperature with the following protocol: 1.42 min at 2 Gy, 2.85 min at 4 Gy, 4.26 min at 6 Gy, 5.68 min a t8 Gy, 7.10 min at 10 Gy and 14.2 min at 20Gy, respectively. Cells were treated with Osimertinib at 37 ̊C 1 h prior to irradiation in the combination groups involved in the in vitro study.

Osteolytic Breast cancer causes skeletal Muscle Weakness in an immunocompetent syngeneic Mouse Model. Jenna N. Regan, Carter Mikesell, Steven Reiken, Haifang Xu, Andrew R. Marks, Khalid S. Mohammad, Theresa A. Guise and David L. Waning. Frontiers in Endocrinology. Dec 2017. XPERT Imaging System.

  • The presence of osteolytic lesions was visualized by radiography on a KUBTEC digital X-ray imager (KUBTEC, Milford, CT, USA). Mice were placed in a prone position and imaged at 2.7× magnification.

A method for deducing neck mobility in plesiosaurs, using the exceptionally preserved Nichollssaura borealis. Ramon S. Nagesan, Donald M. Henderson and Jason S. Anderson. The Royal Society Publishing. July 2018. XPERT 80 System.

  • To assess the maximum ROM of an elongate reptilian neck with soft tissues, a series of radiographs were taken of the specimen of Varanus dumerilii on a KUBTEC XPERT 80-L flatbed radiography system at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
  • The radiographs were captured using the KUBTEC XPERT imaging software and were saved in dicom format. The radiographs were converted from dicom to .jpeg format by using the export function in the Kubtec Xpert 80 l imaging software.

Bone tissue regeneration: The role of finely tuned pore architecture of bioactive scaffolds before clinical translation. Ronghuan Wu, Yifan Li, Miaoda Shen, Xianyan Yang, Lei Zhang, Xiurong Ke, Guojing Yang, Changyou Gao, Zhongru Gou, Sanzhong Xu. Bioactive Materials. Nov 2020. XPERT System.

  • The radiological examination on new bone formation and material biodegradation was performed by an X-ray imaging system (XPERT; KUBTEC, USA) under 50 KV and 100 μA. The general X-ray films were taken both frontally and laterally by the X-ray system.

Scutellarin Attenuates the IL-1b- Induced Inflammation in Mouse Chondrocytes and Prevents Osteoarthritic Progression. Zucheng Luo, Zhichao Hu, Yujie Bian, Wenting Su, Xiaoyang Li, Shi Li, Jianbin Wu, Li Shi, Yonghuan Song, Gang Zheng, Wenfei Ni and Jixin Xue. Frontiers in Pharmacology. Jan 2020. XPERT System.

  • The animals were subjected to X-ray examination at 8 weeks postoperatively with or without treatment. X-ray imaging was performed for all mice to assess osteophyte formation, joint spaces, and calcification changes of the cartilage surface using a digital X-ray machine (KUBTEC Model XPERT 80; KUB Technologies Inc.).

RNA-binding protein HuR suppresses senescence through Atg7 mediated autophagy activation in diabetic intervertebral disc degeneration. Zhenxuan Shao, Libin Ni, Sunli Hu, Tianzhen Xu, Zaher Meftah, Zupo Yu, Naifeng Tian, Yaosen Wu, Liaojun Sun, Aimin Wu, Zongyou Pan, Linwei Chen, Weiyang Gao, Yifei Zhou,
Xiaolei Zhang, Xiangyang Wang.
Cell Proliferation. Dec 2020. XCELL Irradiator System.

  • The rats were postured in a prone position, and the images were captured by the X-ray irradiation system (Kubtec, USA)

Pareuchiloglanis (Teleostei: Sisoridae) from the Pearl River, China with description of three new species. Wei Dao, Xu Li, Hong-Fu Yang,
Wei Zhou
Journal of Fish Biology. Oct 2019. XPERT 80 System.

  • To facilitate the observations of vertebra number, X-ray photographs were taken using a digital cabinet X-ray system (XPERT 80, KUBTEC).