NDT: Safety and peace of mind

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is of ever-growing importance, with applications as ranging from medical devices to electronics to explosives and packaging. With 3D Imaging from KUBTEC, you can do more to confirm the precision and performance of your products.

X-ray Imaging and Detonators

What happens if a detonator fails? Explosive manufactures worldwide are using our KUBTEC® XPERT® 80 X-ray system to verify fill, fuse location, fuse integrity & seal of detonators.

Hi-resolution digital X-ray images of your detonators gives you the confidence that your blasting sequence goes perfectly.

Other Applications Include:

  • Electronic Component

  • Medical Devices

  • Packaging

  • Defect analysis
  • R&D, Gem Inspection
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Plastic Injection Molds

Systems for Non-Destructive Testing


Tomosynthesis System

  • 3D Imaging, view your object in 1mm slices.

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The XPERT® 80-L

Cabinet X-ray System

  • 17″ x 17″ (43 x 43 cm) detector..

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The XPERT® 80

Cabinet X-ray System

  • 10″ x 12″ (25 x 30 cm) detector.

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3D Non Destructive Testing

With 3D Imaging from KUBTEC, you can do more than see inside your product. You can pinpoint areas as small as 1mm. Observe how you can see the threads on the screw change direction as you pass from one side of it to the other.

Systems for Non-Destructive Testing

DIGICOM® 3D Analysis Software

KUBTEC® introduces groundbreaking multislice radiography imaging with DIGICOM® 3D Analysis Software. With an unprecedented depth of view, DIGICOM 3D gives you imaging not achievable with 2D software.

Standard Analysis Software

Measure, annotate, manipulate, resize, store, and send images with the DIGICOM® software's simple, yet powerful user interface.

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