FORENSICS: Documents, Artifacts, and Security

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Forensic Imaging for a variety of applications.

Imaging is a requisite for forensic science and it has never been easier. From document security for law enforcement to inspection for analyzing criminal investigation or evidence to forensic anthropology at museums to high-resolution imaging of excised tissues in the morgue, KUBTEC® X-ray is the answer.

Forensics Applications Include:

  • Questionable Documents
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Firing Analysis
  • Revealing Latent Fingerprints
  • Excised and Recovered Bones
  • Museum and Archaeological Artifacts
  • Document Examination
  • Evidence Examination

Systems for Forensics


Tomosynthesis System

  • 3D Imaging, view your object in 1mm slices.

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The XPERT® 80

Cabinet X-ray System

  • 10″ x 12″ (25 x 30 cm) detector.

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The XPERT® 80-L

Cabinet X-ray System

  • 17″ x 17″ (43 x 43 cm) detector..

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Software for Forensics

DIGICOM® 3D Analysis Software

KUBTEC® introduces groundbreaking multislice radiography imaging with DIGICOM® 3D Analysis Software. With an unprecedented depth of view, DIGICOM 3D gives you imaging not achievable with 2D software.

Standard Analysis Software

Measure, annotate, manipulate, resize, store, and send images with the DIGICOM® software's simple, yet powerful user interface.

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